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The Builder is one of the most important workers for your Colony. As long as you provide the builder with all the resources he asks for, he will build and upgrade all of your Town buildings.


Before any building can be built, you have to craft the “Builder’s Hut” block in the crafting table and use your “Building Tool” to place his building. Once you “commit” to the placement of the builder’s hut, the block will be placed and the builder will be automatically assigned (or you can manually assign one with the best "traits" for builder if you changed this in the setting tab in the Town Hall’s GUI).




You now officially have a “Builder!” CONGRATULATIONS!


Now you will have to issue the builder the “Build” assignment so he can build his own Hut first. Without the builder’s hut being built, the builder cannot build any other buildings. He will be asking for the materials he/she needs. Make sure to check the “chat” regularly to see what materials the builder is requesting for any build/upgrade.

Hint: If you see he/she has not finished a work order and you don’t see the builder asking for any materials, go to the builder’s hut and “recall” the builder and wait a bit to see what he/she needs.

Now you can access the Builder’s block (right click on it) and you will see a similar GUI with different options:


     The Worker assigned and his Skill Level. (you level him up by assigning more build/upgrade/repair tasks. The higher the level the faster and more efficient he/she will be). And the buttons:

  • Fire Worker.- If you think you know a better Citizen for the job.

  • Recall Worker.- If the builder gets stuck somewhere, or you just want to see what the builder has or give the builder something directly.

  • Build/Upgrade Building.- to create the build/upgrade work order for this building.

  • Repair Building.- So the builder can recreate the original building (at the current level) and fix any broken, missing, unwanted addons to the original building.

  • Inventory.- This is the most important button. Here you can access the buildings storage from where the “worker” takes and deposits materials, tools and anything he/she finds along the way (citizens will pickup anything in their path that is considered a “drop”; sapling, seeds, rotten flesh, bones, arrows, etc.).


A few things to consider:


  • The placement of the “Builders Hut”. You could consider having the builders hut in the middle of where you plan to have the rest of your buildings so that he/she has less of a distance to walk between his chest and the build site.


  • The builder will not start another build assignment until he has finished the current one.

Hint: You can go to the Town Hall and click on the “Work Orders” tab and cancel the current build as well as arrange the priorities of the following build orders. If you cancel a work order, when you assign the build again, the builder will continue where he left off.


  • Any block the builder removes (dirt, wood, planks, glass, etc.) while building and/or upgrading he will keep in his inventory or he might place it in the Builders hut chest.


  • In order for the builder to “upgrade” any building, his Builders Hut MUST be upgraded first. Then he will be able to upgrade and other building.

If changes are needed or I missed a new patch, let me know, so I can update this page.

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