A Guide to your first day in Minecraft with the MineColonies Mod
So you have successfully installed the mod and loaded up Minecraft.. So what next?

Well there are a couple of important points to know about starting your first Colony.

First is that a Colony can expand to take up quite a lot of room.  Therefore we would suggest a nice open flattish area as the best location to begin with.  The "Flatlands" biome added as part of the mod is an ideal location, but beware the existing inhabitants!!

Every Colony is centered around the Town Hall, and the Town Hall is  a pre-requisite that must be placed before all other buildings/chests with the exception of the Supply Ship.

Supply Ship

The Supply Ship represents the vessel that transported you to this new world, and is a useful source of starting materials for your Colony.  The Supply Ship is crafted using the following recipe.

Supply Chest

This gives you the Supply Chest.  The Supply Chest is the ONLY chest you can place before the Town Hall chest is placed, and there is no restriction on how far away this chest can be from your Colony.

The Supply Chest can only be placed on a block next to water, and there must be a large enough body of water nearby too.  If the location you have selected isn't viable the mod will tell you, just move to a shoreline with a larger stretch of water.

Once you place the Supply Chest, your ship will appear nearby in the water.  The ship can be used as a useful starting home, or can be salvaged for materials as was common amongst early settlers to new lands.

If you look in the Supply Chest itself, you will see some resources, and even some other Colony Chests to help start your Colony.  Note: what is contained in the Supply Chest is dependent on what difficulty level you are playing the game with most resources given at Peaceful, and none at the hardest levels.

Only one Supply Ship can currently be placed per map.

Town Hall Chest

You will notice that there is no Town Hall Chest in the Supply Chest.  This is deliberate, and the only way to obtain the Town Hall Chest is to craft it yourself (You don't want it THAT easy do you ?).  Don't worry the recipe is very easy, and is as follows.

Town Hall Chest

Now when you place the Town Hall Chest, it is very important that you are happy with the location, as it is not possible to move this chest, or destroy it and place a new one elsewhere.

The Town Hall is the cornerstone of your Colony, and is always located at it's centre.  Place it wisely.

Once placed, over time a number of Citizens will start to spawn.  You can also see some of the basic Colony functions via the GUI interface when you open the Town Hall Chest.

Congratulations, you have started your first Colony !!

It's time now to expand your Colony.  Citizen Chests are a priority as these are the homes that your Citizens live in, and Citizens without a home will not become workers.

Workers you are likely to want early on are :-

The Builder - Who will construct all of your colony buildings.
The Miner - Who will dig around and mine Coal, Iron, Gold and even Diamond for you at higher levels.
The Lumberjack - Who will be invaluable supplying the colony with a sustainable source of timber.  You will need a lot of timber :P

For more info on specific workers, please see the relevant worker page on this website.

Whenever placing a chest, be conscious of its spacing from other chests, as each chest has a building which requires space to be built in.  For assistance with placement, check out the "Zoning" function of each chest, which will give you a visual indication of the space the building will require.  A good guide is to leave at least 12-15 blocks between buildings, although some buildings like the Town hall and Barracks are bigger and require more space.

You are now free to develop your colony as you see fit.  Enjoy the ride, and make your Colony the most awesome Colony ever!!